Dr. Martens Look-a-Likes


I recently picked up a new pair of combat boot-ish shoes. They caught my attention because they very closely resemble Doc Martens. I’ve been obsessed with Docs for the longest time, but I was putting off asking for some because of the high cost. Wondering if the shoes would last and be worth the investment and things off that nature. So whilst I was out and about the other day I spotted these lovelies and literally almost shrieked out loud in the store! I love the patent leather texture and the flannel/plaid pattern on the inside. Although people don’t see the inside, I think it’s a nice touch. They had a variety a colors but I chose black because it goes with everything. I just wanted to do a sort of “profile” post on them before I did a complete outfit on them. Can you blame me?! I mean c’mon they are beauts and they were only $30!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. KizzyDoll says:

    These are gorgeous boots x

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