Next Season Preview

all photos are courtesy of the FashionTv youtube video

Paris Fashion Week had great shows for the Spring 2014 season. I found myself gravitating towards a few collections. One of which is Talbot Runhof. I found it quite odd that I should lean towards that one in particular seeing as though I’ve never heard of Runhof before. I know it’s shocking, and I’ve already put myself in time-out for not knowing who these talented two are. Please don’t hold this minor fashion crime against me, I’m still the same blogger that you know and love, but clearly I had a brain fart. Let us venture into the great beyond that is this collection. I fell in love with this show! The baby doll dresses are killer and don’t even get me started on those cape dresses! My favorite piece of the collection has to be the finale dress. The mega shiny, uber sequined cape dress is stellar. There’s a right and wrong way to do sequins my darlings, and Talbot Runhof have conquered the delicate art of doing sequins the right way. From now on I will most definitely be watching out for these wonder twins. (I dont think they’re actually twins but it just felt right to say)
The finale dress is on the bottom left

The Wonder Twins behind Talbot Runhof

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  1. KizzyDoll says:

    Wonderful pieces, love the black and white pieces, so cool :)) xx

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