The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premieres on November 22 in my area! In honor of Katnis Everdeen I volunteer as tribute. No, not to participate in a fight to the death, but to talk about the fashions in the movie franchise.

Can you guess who this costume belongs to in the movie?



Costume designers are truly creatively gifted! I wouldn’t mind dabbling in that section of fashion at all. For the most part they aren’t prohibited by fashion trends or laws, and their imaginations are allowed to roam the galaxy. The costume designer behind The Hunger Games is Judianna Makovsky. She has worked on over 25 films. Her impressive resume includes Great Expectations, Pleasantville, and X-Men: The Last Stand. She even received an academy award nomination for her work on Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. In and interview with Vogue Makovsky said, ” I find if you go too far from what we know, it becomes dated very quickly,” when referring to her work on THG. When designing for Katnis and the people of District 12 she found inspiration from coal mining districts in history. “We wanted it to have a very American feel.” If the purpose of a costume designer is to make each person feel like the movie/show they’re watching is somehow realistic, Judianna Makovsky definitely succeeds! The costume designing odds are definitely in her favor.




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