Blocked In


Hopefully you guys have kept up with the blog. If you have you’re totally awesome and deserve a cookie. If you haven’t been now would be a great time to start. Last week you could say that the blog was a barren wasteland. Now before you go all Jackie Chan on me let me explain why I was M.I.A. (Cue dramatic music) It. Was. Writers. Block. Yes the girl who posts everyday, and sometimes multiple times a day, was no more. Every time I would sit down to my laptop my brain turned to mush! It was so sad. I tweeted about how I hadn’t blogged in so long and how my life felt incomplete without. I had a schedule that I stuck to when it came to writing and uploading posts. When I went on vacation for Thanksgiving all the good food threw me off my game, I think. I’m back now! Lucky you! These are my tips on how I kicked writers blocked in the butt after it punched me in the face, and gave me a black eye…and a bloody nose.

1. Drown yourself in things that are related to the topic that you right about.
I write about fashion so I pretty much just OD’d on all things fashion. I watched fashion shows, and looked at my favorite fashion blogs.
2. Write!
It’s weird I know, but the more I attempted to write (even if it was garbage) the better I got. Sometimes you just gotta crumple a bunch of pieces of paper before you get it right.
3. See how other people got over their writers block and try some of their techniques.
Honestly, I Googled “How to get rid of writers block”, and followed other people’s advice. Some of them worked, some of them didn’t.
4. Take a break from writing.
Now I know you’re thinking “she just told me to write as much as possible, now she’s saying not to write?!?!?!” Too much of a good thing can be bad. I blog constantly. I’m always taking pictures, writing notes, and coming up with new topics. I think I was over doing it just a little bit. So I think this hiatus was good for me, and I hope it will improve my blogging.

When you get into a specific rhythm and motion for how you do things stick to it. It’s ok to go a few days or even a week without writing or posting, which is something I had to learn. I hope this helps you guys out if your ever have an issue with writer’s block. I hope you use some of these techniques, and instrument some of your own.

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