Best Dressed of 2013

I know everyone it’s putting out their “Best Dressed of the year” Lists, so why not hop on the bandwagon. These are my picks for the best dressed celebs of 2013 and what I think are their 3 best looks. So here goes!

1. Jennifer Lawrence is numero uno on my list! I love how she is super comfortable in her skin and with her body even though she’s not Hollywood’s idea of beauty. I think she looks perfect in everything she wears, even when she’s tripping up stairs and ripping dresses.
2. Number two is Lily Collins. Now I’m not gonna lie, I don’t know a lot about her but her style on the red carpet is impeccable! I started looking into her after I saw the Mortal Instruments(it’s a must see if you haven’t watched it yet!) She’s not afraid to take risks, which sets her aside from other actresses.
3. Zoe Saldana’s style is classic and effortless. She always looks super sophisticated on the carpet!
4. Nicole Richie! What a transformation she’s had over the past few years. I never would have thought that this “Simple Life” girl would turn into such a stylish woman! Her style is hip and edgy with splashes of boho chic here and there, and I absolutely love it!
5. Alexa Chung. This journalist turned author has a super cool quirky style. I like the way she dresses because she isn’t always super fancy! She can dress down and still look super duper stylish, which is hard to do.
Florence Welch. Her style is different. It’s edgy but not to off the wall. I can see hints of bohemian in her style choices. She doesn’t dress like you’re typical celebrity. She has her own personal style that shines through even when she’s in a red carpet gown.

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  1. Gorgeous looks. Love Jennifer, she’s brilliant. Happy New Year xx

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