How To Style Harem Pants


With my wonderful gift card to Forever 21 (thanks mom) I headed into the great beyond. Well I kinda just went to the mall, but to me it’s grand and vast and magical. Anyways I headed out in search for some wardrobe staples that would be perfect for college, seeing as though I start in about 2 weeks. Pieces that would be stylish but also wonderfully comfortable. Then it hit me. What’s more stylish and comfortable than harem pants? Ummm…NOTHING! Thus I set out for the perfect pair, and I found them. I’ve wanted a pair forever but never really found “The One”, until now. Introducing my brand spanking new, black and white tribal print harem pants!!!!

I chose to dress the pants down for this look to give it a cool “I just threw this on” (even though I actually took time to put this together) yet edgy type of vibe.
Paired with my favorite thrifted jean jacket, an old tank, and my favorite pair of studded wedges, the pants are taken to another level of awesomeness! Use subtle girly accessories to make the look more feminine. I chose my Hello Kitty necklace, opted for this mini backpack purse and called it a day.




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  1. You look gorgeous x

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