Friday Feature

So I put out an APB for a guest blogger and B has answered my blogger wishes!

Hi there! I’m B and I’d like to introduce you my blog B as Blonde.First of all,I wanna thank the lovely Milan who gave me the opportunity to show you my blog,my life and my style,just choosing a couple of my favourite outfits I did so far!
I like to define myself “Kailedoscopic” because I like to mix and match different styles,depending on how I wake up in the morning!I love rock music and that has a big influence on my wardrobe;I go crazy for leather,biker boots,studs and stuff like that.But,somedays,my feminine and dolly sense of style comes out and I choose laces,heels and ,above all,a lot of mini dresses(which I adore!).That’s why I chose my “rock ‘n’ roll” and “parisien” outfits for you!

Parisien Outfit
The greatest part of my clothes are by H&M and Zara(as in these pics)or others low-cost brands,because I like to change often my clothes and,in this way,I can buy a lot of items every season without spend all my money.Indeed,I prefer to save money to buy a little more expensive bags and shoes,because they never go out-of-fashion and never fall in value! The thing I like the most of my outfits is the wearability. Often,fashion bloggers propose amazing but unsuitable outfits for everyday life. In my blog I try to show what I really am and not suggesting anything I’d never wear!

Hope you’ll like the outfits and the blog!
Thanks again to the beautiful Milan with her super She’s too fetchhh!
Xx B



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  1. Lovely x

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