quick post

School keeps me ridiculously busy with homework and such, but alas it is a necessary evil. I know it has been at least 30 years since my last post so here’s a quick outfit post. It has one of my favorite trends and a couple it my latest obsessions.
I just have on a basic long sleeve white shirt, but black one could work too. Flannel button up around my waist. I like it because it has patches on one sleeve. My jeans were an old pair that I made into high waisted skinnies. My shoes I found on Amazon. They resemble a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Nirvana boots, but were less than half the price. The Nirvana boot is $205, mine were less than $50.



Accessories: my gold head chain I found at a store called Sam Moon. I’m pretty sure it’s a store local to me, but you can find head chains pretty much everywhere. The easiest place, in my opinion, is online. My sunnies are from one of my favorite stores on the planet Urban Outfitters, and they’re called Spitfire.


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  1. leixdee says:

    very cute! love love love your shoes oh my gaawwwd!

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