My First Fashion Show

Guess who’s baacckkkkkk?!?!?!

Do you give up?


Okay so obviously I’ve been on a little hiatus guys and honestly it feels great to be back in the saddle. Here’s some brief info on whats been going on with me. If you guys remember I was attending TWU and majoring in Fashion Design design. The only problem was that TWU is basically a school known for their Nursing Program. Now if you’ve ever gone to any kind of school in your life you’ve probably had that one teacher that was just completely uninterested in teaching. I don’t care how much you say you love something if your professor is as dry as the Clear Eyes guy you are going to have a difficult time. My Textiles professor was literally his doppelgänger, needless to say it was terrible. It discouraged me for a very long time. So I did some soul-searching and rediscovered my love for this thing we call Fashion. I’m taking fashion classes again and I’ve very excited!

For my Construction class we have four projects: constructing a skirt, dress, and jacket, all out of denim, and an unconventional materials fashion show. Basically turning water in wine; trash into treasure. I’ve decided to make a dress out of playing cards inspired by Alice in Wonderland’s Red Queen and The Mad Hatter. I have until December 1 to bring my vision to life, so I will definitely be keeping you guys up to date on my design process. Below you will find various examples of unconventionally made garments. I find a lot of inspiration and new ideas in pieces like these.

This gown is made of paper doilies, cut china saucers, teacups! Can you believe it?!?!
This beautiful twinkling dress is constructed out of VCR tape.
This dress is made out of paper plates. I love it because it gives me snow princess vibes.


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