Manuel Diaz is a new designer to me. I can’t wait to write about him in the future.
A more wearable Avant garde piece courtesy of Jeremy Scott for Adidas

I’m taking The Edgy Alternative in a new direction. It’ll still be the same general posts that you guys love, but my choice in the fashion and art I choose is a little different. I used to write about things that were kind of mainstream,things I thought people would want to read. I wasn’t really writing about things that were interesting to me. I was scrolling through my content and it was It was kind of just your run-of-the-mill fashion blog. Now my focus is going to be more on things that catch my eye and make me interested and inspired to learn more about them. In the words of Raf Simmons, “I’m usually attracted to things I can’t define. If something’s too clear its very often not inspiring to me anymore.”
Avant garde and couture are 2 things that have always caught my attention. The idea of wearable art intrigues and inspires me to not only push the boundaries of what “critics” say is and isn’t acceptable, and as an aspiring designer those are the types of pieces I want to make. I think Avant Garde and Couture are the rawest form of self-expression in the fashion industry. These designers aren’t worried about whats on trend, they just create whatever they’re feeling that makes them happy, and that’s what I want to do. So say hey to the new Edgy Alternative, complete with a new theme and all!
Avant garde is not always super crazy. This is a more wearable piece from Tom Ford
I love scrolling through tumblr. There’s always inspiration to be found.

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