My Favorite UK Blogs pt.2

I love the fashion in the UK. It’s a completely different culture and a lot of the street style resonates me more than it does with the street style in the states. My eye is always drawn to a grungier more eclectic vibe, not only when it comes to fashion but with art and music as well. It’s all about the mood. There are like a million I want to post but what I think I’m gonna end up doing is just creating a category for My Favorite UK Blogs. Oh and if you haven’t checked out the first one yet click here.

We have Style on Vega (formerly Style Bizarre). They’re on my list because they have a specific category for cute Vegan and Sustainable fashion which you guys know is kinda my thing. It’s very informative and I am honestly learning some things. Ok ALOT of things. It’s not a personal style blog per-say so I don’t have any pics for you but you guys can just click here to check it out.

Olivia Emily I have to say, just might be my spirit animal. (I have a lot of spirit animals. They depend on the weather, the day of the week, and whatever mood I’m in)

I got really excited about this one because I had a similar dress that I also wore for my birthday. You know what they say about great minds

I’m getting Dracula vibes. If Dracula was a female and extremely fashionable

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