Iris van Herpen

Words can’t even describe how I feel about a lot of these pieces
Cara Delevigne at the Valerian premiere in Hollywood.

This post has been in my drafts for ages and I’m FINALY getting around to writing it. A lot of the time when I sketch I find myself coming up with these funky, crazy cool shapes and designs and patterns. I’m working on my playing card dress for a school fashion show, and the first thing my brain wanted to do when I sat down to sketch was create this out of the box high-low dress, with a high collar and a hat. I said all that to say you never know where your inspiration is comes from, and you might not even know your being inspired until you sit down to put your thought to paper (or whatever you medium may be). Flipping through my sketch book I find that a lot of my designs kind of resemble IRIS VAN HERPEN in a way. I love the way she plays with lines and shapes, and her pieces have sort of a illusionary aspect to them that is fun for my eyes. She’s a very young designer, only 33, from the Netherlands. She interned for Alexander McQueen and designed one of the INCREDIBLE costumes in ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’, and chances are you’ve seen her shoes on various celebrities like model Coco Rocha, Kim Kardashian, and Lady Gaga. Also, she is very tech savvy, using 3D printers and lasers to construct her couture pieces. She is definitely ahead of her time!


Kim Kardashian in ‘Iris van Herpen X United Nude’
Pearlescent bubble sculpture from Fall 2016 Couture show
Iris Van Herpen F17

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