LITERAL Cat Suit at their Fall 2014 show
Kate Moss in an Editorial for Vogue

I don’t know if you guys can tell by the title, but I’m very excited about this post. My fingers aren’t moving as fast as I need them to right now. So let’s get started. THE BLONDS are my obsession right now and they have been for a few months now. They’ve been around for some years now which is why I am both shocked and appalled at myself for just recently discovering them. You may not recognize the name but I guarantee you’ve seen plenty of their pieces. There have been plenty of celebrities in their pieces, most recently Cardi B. Everybody from Miley Cyrus to J.LO, MADONNA (yes guys THE Madonna) and even Queen Bee (that’s Beyoncé)! They specialize in over-the-top sequined body AND catsuits that are constructed to perfection, and a majority of the pieces are couture, which means that Phillipe and David Blond are creating these masterpieces by hand. I literally could go on for days but I’m just going to let their work speak for itself. You can check out their most recent as well as past collection on their website HERE.
Total Princess Jasmin vibes from their Spring 2015 show
Miley Cyrus at Montpellier, France. (Photo by Erick James/Getty Images)

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