My First Fashion Show

I am really excited to share with you guys my first physical garment that I created. Until now I’ve only ever had the visions and images in my head. To see something that I worked super duper hard on actually come to life is something that words CAN NOT describe. There are some videos at the bottom.
My school had its anual end of the year “Christmas” fashion show. I use quotations because only a few looks were actually holiday related. It was much like the #UnconventionalMaterialsChallenge that we love to see on Project Runway. I’m not sure if I’ve told you guys but Alice in Wonderland is my favorite movie. From the Disney original to Through the Looking Glass, I love the creativity, imagination, and sort of quirkiness that the movies have. I honestly was inpired by just about every character and I had a billion ideas on how to incorporate them in my piece, but my main focus ended up being The Red Queen. From the first inception of the idea I knew I wanted to use playing cards because why not?!?! I knew I wanted strategically placed red roses and actual Red Queen of Hearts cards. I could go on for years but here are some pictures of my process from start to finish.

I had to move it out of my room because the train was getting a little out of control.

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